December 2020 Newsletter

8th December 2020




A brief update on what has been happening at Fylde Foodbank


People Helped

From the start of lockdown in March 2020 to the end of November 2020 we have provided emergency food parcels to feed 1638 adults and 980 children. An increase of 16% over the same period last year. In addition, many emergency parcels were distributed to local organisations such as Fylde Borough Council and local schools for them to distribute.

We anticipate that the current demand will increase well into 2021 as the Coronavirus continues and more people lose their jobs.

Our Building

Thanks to your generosity we have been able to develop our building, enabling us to provide better facilities and more privacy for our clients. The work is nearing completion and we are looking forward to providing improved help to those in need.


Due to the generosity of local people and businesses, we are well stocked at both our Centres for the run up to Christmas and beyond. The foodbank benefited throughout the early months of the pandemic by receiving large amounts of stock donated nationally by Tesco and Morrison’s.

We expect the number of people asking for help to increase as the pandemic continues and as more jobs are lost. A great deal of effort has been put into contacting all our referral agencies to say that we are here to help people in financial difficulty.

Local initiatives

Booths have relaunched their Booths card offer/benefits. Cardholders can now opt to have the 5% reward they earn donated to their local foodbank. Fylde Foodbank are part of the programme. Booths have also launched a new initiative called “buy one – give one free”. As well as the customer donating additional food items, Booths will be donating the profit from the additional items to our foodbank.

Lidl’s new “Teaming up to Tackle Hunger” campaign has been launched with Fylde Foodbank being the charity partner for Lidl in Lytham. Throughout the 4-week campaign shoppers will be encouraged to donate to the food bank one of 5 products they have put on display. Early next year all of these donations will be added up and the products will be matched in quantity by Lidl. As part of the campaign Lidl customers are also being offered the option of making a financial donation.

Morrison’s in Kirkham continue with their “buy a bag of items” for the foodbank.  Their staff select the items which we require and make up bags costing around £4 each. Customers can then purchase a bag and drop it into a collection box. They can also donate a Morrison’s voucher to the foodbank allowing credit to accrue to buy food when needed.

Sainsbury’s The St Anne’s and Lytham store have nominated Fylde Foodbank as their food donation partner for the Help Brighten a Million Christmases Campaign this year.

As always, a big thank you to everyone who has generously donated food or money to the food bank and to our volunteers at both St Anne’s and Kirkham who continue to support us in these difficult times.

Best wishes for the New Year.

Linda and the Team.


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